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Full-Blood Blue Heeler Puppies

On March 23rd we had a tragic moment as we lost our beloved "Shelby" she was the catalyst of our breeding program, as well as a part of our family. She will be truly missed by everyone as she has brought so much joy to us and to everyone that has one of her offspring.

As soon as we get thru this difficult time, we will make a decision as to the status of our breeding program.

Thanks to all who have purchased puppies and given them wonderful homes- Please check back for update on future litters.

blue heeler puppies, ready for purchase

blue heeler male puppy for sale

Congratulations to all the new puppy owners!!

blue heeler puppies blue heelper puppies for sale
heeler pups blue heeler puppies


Here are some great pics of our most recent litter.
We have both parents on site. They are very intelligient and lovable dogs.

Newest Litter
puppy litter- blue heeler pups

Puppy Testimonials:

** Hello! I had some pictures of the puppies my parents got from you guys and I thought you might enjoy them or want to add them to your web site as reference. They are wonderful and such a joy! Their ears have recently popped up and they have found their voice. They play together all the time. Steady, the name they gave the girl who was also the runt is short for Hempstead. The boy is named D.K. Smokey for Dennis and Kathleen, and fits perfect bc of his smokey color and not to mention that everyone tells us he looks stoned bc of his semi droopy eyes that are sometimes red. She is more submissive and tends to get very low to the ground when she runs up to great you, while he is more aggressive and tries to herd everyone including the neigbors kids and my room mates big american bulldog whenever they meet up. They are such a delight, and we want to thank you so much! My parents are always going on about how nice you guys were when we went to pick out the puppies; they have always wanted to have the life style you guys live with land and horses and now that my step dad has put in to retire since today was his 40th birthday; they might be one step closer. Take care and thanks again!

puppy samples blue heeler
blue heeler puppies

** Thank you for such a great puppy! The girls named her Princess. She is adapting to our home very well. She herds our Yorkshire Terrier.

Reference Litter for Color:

blue heeler pups blue heeler pups

blue heeler pups

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